How to Make a Flower Bow – Easy Felt Flower Bow Tutorial

Posted by JennAdmin on August 18, 2012

Looking to make beautiful flower hair bows? Here’s a simple felt flower video tutorial I recently posted on Youtube:

The felt sheets were purchased at AC Moore and are very inexpensive to use.  There are a variety of felt colors and patterns available so you can make all kinds of beautiful flower bows with these sheets.  Since this bow has 3 layers, feel free to use 3 different types of felt if you prefer.  There’s a whole lot you can do with this bow, including adding more than 3 layers and using a variety of colors as you create your hair accessory.

Want more flower hair bows?  Check out my NEWEST course “Secrets to Flower Bow Success” which teaches 20 types of flowers that you can use as hair accessories or even to embellish your purses, shirts, and headbands.


How to Make Hair Bows GIVEAWAY!

Posted by JennAdmin on May 9, 2012

How would you like to win a TWO Set DVD course teaching how to make hair bows for girls?

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New Etsy Store: How to Make Hair Bows…and More!

Posted by JennAdmin on February 8, 2012

etsy store - learn how to make bows

Just last month, I launched a new store on Etsy where you can find many of my crafts DVD courses. You probably have heard of Etsy (one of the largest websites online to purchase handmade items, supplies, and instructions).  I love searching for new ideas of crafts to create on Etsy and also enjoy shopping from a LARGE variety of handmade items.  You can find everything from crochet hats to vintage jewelry to patterns and instructions for a variety of crafts.  If you don’t know what to give a friend or family for a birthday gift, be sure to browse through the items on Etsy and choose something handmade by one of the awesome Etsy vendors from around the world.

I have a number of my craft courses available through Etsy right now!  The most popular selling one so far has been my beginner hair bows DVD course.  This is THE biggest selling course of all the ones I have offered you over the past three years. Thanks to everyone who has favorited an item, like the store, Pinned an item on Pinterest, or made a purchase…you are awesome!!  Thank you so much for helping me spread the word about these great craft courses that so many of you are raving about.

How to Make Hair Bows: 2 Hr. DVD and Ebook How to Make Hair Bows: 2 Hr. DVD and Ebook How to Make Hair Bows: 2 Hr. DVD and Ebook How to Make Hair Bows: 2 Hr. DVD and Ebook How to Make Hair Bows: 2 Hr. DVD and Ebook

Here are some things that happy customers have shared about this bow making course:
“i ordered the book on learning to make bows. the ones that i have made, i have found the instructions to be very easy to understand. the pictures really helped alot!!!most of all tho, when i have emailed with questions, she responds very quickly. this meant alot, because how often can you order something online and actually get your questions answered within minutes!!! not very often. leigh m”

“I wish all instructions were this clear to use. The service she provides is excellent and she responds quickly to your concerns and continues to help you even after buying it from her, now that just shows she provides not only a product but service as well. I also like the little bonuses as well that she sends, they are great for everyone. Tamara W”

“Thank you for the fast service and good ideas I have picked up from your regular e-mails. You have helped me to get back into the ideas for my grandbabies, Gaylene B”


“I want 2 thank you very much and thank you for the bonuses.That was fast and easy.Is there some where,where I can leave you 100% a million. Barbara”

“I’ll have to tell you, with the fast response to my emails and the simplicity of your instructions….You DEFINETLY have my vote!!! Thanks again for such a great product!!! Angela C”

Have you taken a look at it?  Here’s a sneak peek here: Free Lesson – How to Make Hair Bows  That is the free lesson which is part of the beginner bows course.  If you’d prefer to see a free sample lesson of any of the other courses in my Etsy store, please Contact Me and I’ll be happy to share with you!  You probably like to “try before you buy” just like I do, which is great!


What is your favorite item in my store?
Leave me a comment and let me know!


How to Make a Hairbow

Posted by JennAdmin on February 3, 2012

How to Make a Hairbow – Pin It

Since this blog is all about learning how to make a hairbow, here’s a post that includes a bunch of my free bow making videos so you can learn right now for free. I’ve been teaching bow making for three years now and I don’t plan to stop soon. I just ran across this press release from 2009 when Emily and I first launched this website: Press Release for


how to make a hairbow

How to Make a Hairbow Videos – Pin It

Twisted Boutique Bow VIDEO: This bow is great and used for a lot of different stacked and layered bows so you will definitely want to learn how to make a hairbow this way. It is a basic bow that can be worn alone or stacked with loops and sprays. This is one of my favorites to make. Just take time to practice getting your twist correct so it looks right when you show off your finished bow. You want it to be perky and not flat.



Easy Hair Bow – Perfect for Teens VIDEO: This is my most popular Youtube video and I’m sure you can see why…it is so easy even teenagers enjoy making this type of hairbow. It’s great for a small and simple bow but can also be made with larger ribbon as well. You don’t have to use grosgrain ribbon like I do, but plan to use a ribbon that is 7/8 inch wide or wider so you have enough ribbon to work with as you glue the creases.



How to Make a Loopy Bow VIDEO: Loopy bows are a lot of fun. They are one bow I really love and was so excited to learn this when I was first taught how to make a hairbow because I used to wear these fun and poofy bows as a kid. Now that I can make them, I just love using all kinds of beautiful ribbons (various colors, patterns, and widths) to make unique loopy bows.

How to Make a Hairbow: Helpful Tips

1 – Use hot glue or E6000 and also sew your bows to get them to stay together well so they will last a long time. 2 – Start with minimal supplies so you don’t get overwhelmed or waste a lot of ribbon. 3 – Practice making loops and bows with an inexpensive ribbon so you can experiment before committing to it. 4 – Learn the basic bows like butterfly, boutique, and pinwheel, then build more bows from there. 5 – Use coupons for craft stores to save a lot on your bow making supplies. It is a very inexpensive craft if you shop wisely.

how to make a hairbow for girls If you are ready to learn more than from these free videos, please check out my full course on how to make boutique bows. You can also check out all the 5 star ratings and comments I’ve received on my hairbows courses here.


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How to Make Hair Bows FAQ

Posted by JennAdmin on January 23, 2012

“Secrets to Bow Making Success” -
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how to make hair bows dvd


Frequently Asked Bow Making Questions & Answers:

Have a question about learning how to make hair bows?  Send me an email and I’ll answer your email and also post it here for others who want to know the answer as well.  No question is too small! :)

Question:  What can i use to get the excess glue off without ruining the ribbon that it’s on?

Answer: Hi Rachael, to remove excess hot glue you can carefully warm it up near a lighter (not close enough to burn the ribbon!) or place it in the freezer for an hour or so then the hot glue typically will be able to be cracked off.

I am new at making the bows and I thought about making bows to go on little girls flip flops. Was wondering what was the best way to attach the bows. Hot glue them? I don’t think using a clip would work, but really didn’t know. Could you help me with this?  thanks so much

Answer:  Hi there, I would hot glue them and even secure them around the flip flop with a center piece of ribbon to stay in place.  Hope that helps!  I wouldn’t use a clip only because I don’t think it would be too comfortable to wear.


Question:  What do I do to make the bows hold there shape? Some of the ribbon I use stays flimsy when I finish the bow what can I do to correct that?

Answer:  I like to spray them down really well with starch and then blow dry them upside down with a hair dryer on a warm setting.  This will help to keep it stiff and in place.  I like the starch the best because it is really inexpensive, but you could also spray the finished bow with hairspray like AquaNet.


Question: What are the three best bows for beginners to make?

Answer:  I would suggest learning the twisted boutique bow. It’s not the easiest but it is part of a lot of layered boutique bows so it’s great to know how to make it. It takes some practice to get the loops down correctly. Here is a video I made that will help:

After that I’d say two easy and FUN ones would be:
Loopy hair bow
Korker bow


Question:  I was wondering what is the best sized ribbon to make korkers from?

Answer:  Definitely 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch is best because the ribbon stays korked the best.  Also, grosgrain ribbon should always be used.  Satin ribbon is really difficult to use for korkers since they come undone very easily.


Question:  I was wondering what clip is best to use on different bows? Are certain ones better for different types of bows, or is it just personal preference?

Answer:  It really is a personal preference the majority of the time.  With one exception….for loopy bows it is very challenging to make that on an alligator clip, so I always use a French barrette.  Otherwise I put all my bows on lined alligator clips.  You can certainly use French barrettes on any of them if you prefer though.


Question:  I’ve loved your courses. I have gotten real “specific” and make primarily loopy bows. What are the BEST ribbons (material-wise) for loopy bows…so they stand up well and aren’t too flimsy during the creation part? Thanks!

Answer:  I’ve found that using a variety of ribbons really helps.  I prefer grosgrain and never make my loops more than 2 inches tall.  Having at least the majority of your ribbons as grosgrain will definitely help with the creation part and if you have one or two with print on them, they tend to be sturdier ribbon to work with since the print often adds some weight and stiffness to the ribbon.  The taller you make the loops, the floppier they will be.  Also, have you tried starching them one the bow is made?  I’d spray it really well with starch and then hold it upside down and dry it gently with a hairdryer.  That will really help to make the loops stay perky!


Question:  What type of hair bow is this and how do you make it?

Answer: That is a twisted boutique bow and one of the hardest to make since you have to have the center folds right and the twists too! Here’s my youtube video on it if that helps:
Still have a question about bow making?  I’d love to help!  MANY more questions are answered in Secrets to Bow Making Success DVD Course - ONLY available until May 4th, 2012 then it will be pulled off the market forever!  Coupon code:  LASTCHANCESALE

How to Make Hair Bows for Girls

Posted by JennAdmin on January 22, 2012

If you found this blog, you probably want to learn how to make hair bows for girls, right? You got the RIGHT place for that! Here’s a great post you can get started with, so keep reading. When you are done, you might want to check out these other blog posts on how to make a hair bow:

How to Make a Tails Down Bow
How to Make a Bow
How to Make Korker Bows


Be sure to “Like” Us on Facebook for lots more hair bow info and contests/giveaways: on Facebook

How to Make Hair Bows for Girls

Okay so let’s get started learning how to make hair bows for girls. First you need to decide which bow you want to make. This is my most popular youtube video so I think it’s a great place to start: How To Make A Hair Bow Easy! Perfect for Girls or Teens – Simple Step By Step Instructions I’d love it if you’d leave a comment on that video after you check it out! I’m surprised that so many people have viewed that video and so happy that it’s been a great start for so many when they want to make hairbows without a lot of supplies. I even get a lot of teens leaving comments telling me how much they love it and have enjoyed making it. So even though hairbows are most popular for young girls, don’t forget that many teenage girls love wearing pretty bows too.

how to make hair bows for ribbons

How to Make Hair Bows: A Few Tips to Start

* Be sure your creases are even when you are making your bows and loops so that your finished bow will be perfect.
* Use a high temp/high heat hot glue gun and glue sticks because it will work better than the regular glue. Also, if you prefer not to use that, you can use E6000 craft glue (but it takes a lot longer to dry!)
* Always seal the cut ends of your ribbon so they do not fray. This will help keep your bows looking better longer!
* As a beginner, start with a few basic bows you want to learn. Once you’ve mastered them you can go on to make another few different types. There are THOUSANDS of different bows you can make so don’t get discouraged and think you have to know everything. Pick up some ribbon and start creating and having fun making hairbows.
* Look at designs other people have created to give you some ideas on what you can do with bows. Here are some bow photos showcasing some of my happy customers: Testimonial Photos

how to make hair bows dvd

How to Make Hair Bows: Courses on DVD

When you are ready to learn step-by-step how to make hair bows, be sure to take a look at the two DVDs I offer:
Secrets to Bow Making Success: How to Make Hair Bows for Beginners
MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success: How to Make Boutique Hair Bows

More than 1,000 DVD courses are sold each month to VERY happy customers!  Since 2009, they have been the best-selling hair bow course available online and have taught many thousands of moms, grandmas, and other crafters how to make hair bows perfect every time using simple video instructions.  Each DVD is two hours long and shows you how to  make hair bows from start to finish using all kinds of grosgrain ribbon and embellishments.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn different types of hairbows that will really help you get creative and make some unique and fun bows that you would be proud to see on top of any little girls head.  If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make hair bows and didn’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Make a Hair Bow: The Easiest Bow?

Posted by JennAdmin on January 10, 2012

Want to learn how to make a hair bow? You might want to start off with this easy to follow video that I believe is one of the simplest hair bows you can learn to make! Making hair bows is a lot of fun and it doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you start with the easy to create bows first.  Here is a basic bow you can create and use later on to add to your stacked and layered bows with sprays and loops to make it even more jazzy and unique.  Practice working with your grosgrain ribbon until you have a hairbow you are proud of.

If you use this video and make a bow, please comment below and let me know what you think about it!  Is this the easiest hairbow you’ve ever made?

**** HUGE coupon code good until Friday, May 4th, 2012 directly under video!! ****


“Secrets to Bow Making Success” -
LAST Chance EVER to get this DVD!


Over 14,118 people have grabbed and loved this DVD course. This is the LAST week this DVD course will EVER BE SOLD.

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How to Make a Hair Bow Easy

When you start a new craft such as learning how to make a hair bow, you want to be sure to start off easy so you will enjoy it! The video instructions above show a hairbow you can make simply and with minimal supplies you can try it out without getting frustrated at complex directions and without spending a lot on supplies. This is one of the most basic bows you can make, then later you can get into more advanced hair accessory designs with lots of layers and embellishments. Sometimes though, the simple accessories are great because they can be worn daily and with many outfit options for your little girl to get a lot of use out of her bow.  When I first learn how to make a hair bow that is new to me, I’ll cut some ribbon off the roll (about 2 feet) and play with it while I watch the video until I get the loops perked up just right and the crossing of the ribbon perfectly.  This gives me some time to play with it before I finish the creation and I get a chance to practice.  If you want to practice with ribbon, head over to the dollar bin or even a dollar store and you’ll be able to work with some grosgrain practicing without spending more than just a dollar on it.

How to Make a Hair Bow: Supplies Needed

If you want to learn how to make a bow out of ribbon, of course you’ll need some grosgrain ribbon, but there are a couple other supplies you need to grab too!

If you live in the US, you might want to try Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, and Michael’s for supplies. Those are my three favorite places because they are convenient to where I live, have great sales, and typically have coupons to save on items that are not on sale. I just go and stock up when their supplies (especially ribbon!) are 50% off because it saves me a lot and I’m able to get a bunch of ribbons at the same time so it’s easier to match up the ones I want to use together to make a boutique hair bow.

So besides the ribbon for your bow you also might want to grab some embellishments like I used in the photo below (Spare Parts brand flowers parts and some jewels or gems).  Be sure to use high temp hot glue and glue gun, have some craft wire or thick thread available too.  And of course a good pair of scissors.  That’s it!  All you need to make beautiful bows can be found at a craft store and you can get them for less than $10 to get started.

how to make a hair bow easy

How to Make a Hair Bow DVD

If you need more instructions on how to make a hair bow after you watch this first video, you’ll want to check out my DVD video instructions to make a lot more types of beautiful bows. You can find lots of beginner hair bows in “Secrets to Bow Making Success” and some more advanced bows in “MORE Secrets to Bow Making Success”.  I’ve been helping women make bows for over three years now with these easy to follow courses (includes a DVD and downloadable manual so you have two different methods of step-by-step instructions).  Check out the customer testimonials here and you’ll see that this is by far the best course available to learn how to make a hair bow.

Making Hair Bows

Posted by JennAdmin on December 22, 2011

Making Hair Bows

Making hair bows is probably my favorite craft which is exactly why I created this website and blog. If you’ve ever purchase hairbows from a boutique or even a store I’m sure you know how expensive they can be. When you consider that your girl might want a different hair bow for each outfit, the costs can really be high if you are planning to buy a lot of bows. Instead, making hair bows on your own will save a lot of money and is something fun you can do with your child if they are old enough. I suggest allowing them to go to the craft store with you to pick out the ribbon. They can also choose embellishments that will look good on their bow. Take a look in the button section and you’ll be able to find tons of unique embellishments in both plastic and/or metal that you can use for the center of your completed hair accessory.

making hair bows

You might be wondering how long it will take to start making hair bows. I can assure you it’s not going to be all that time consuming. You can create some of the easier accessories in just a few minutes. More detailed and layered designs might take maybe 10 to 15 minutest to complete but even then, that is not a lot of time for creating something beautiful. Add just a few more minutes to grab the necessary supplies like ribbon, hot glue, and scissors, and you’ll see that making bows is a simple and fun task.  If you want your daughter or grand-daughter to help, it might take a few extra minutes but I’m sure it will be time well spent and I know they will love creating with ribbon alongside you.  Just read what one very happy customer recently shared with me:


Hi Girlies!!
I just wanted to tell you that my girls & I have been spending good, quality time together making bows! Its fun to see their imagination work as they choose the ribbon combinations & the style of bows they want me to put together. Its crazy at times I have all 7 of my kids helping me (thats 5 girls & 2 boys)! 
Thanks again!
ps  Once the bows are made my girls wear them to school & bring home orders!
free hair bow instructions

Making Hair Bows for Girls

Now that you’ve found the best place online for bow making instructions, it’s time to start making hair bows for girls. Will you make a hair bow to attach to a crochet hat like Judy?  Isn’t this beautiful how it matches the crochet hat?  If you want to learn how to crochet, you can grab a free lesson here.
making hair bows for girls

Or maybe use some organza ribbon and add flower & gemstone embellishments to the center like Ann created?  Don’t you just love the colors and the choice of ribbon here?  Remember you don’t always have to use grosgrain ribbon!

layered flower hair bow

Or even jazz up your bow with some beautiful boa like Heather!  I love how she attached this hairbow for girls on top of a crochet headband so you can wear it on top of your head.  This bow is beautiful with all the layers of loops and lots of gorgeous sprays coming out of the center.

layered boutique bow

Tips on Making Hair Bows

1 – Gather all your supplies before you start.
2 – Use high heat hot glue (the ribbon will stay together much better).
3 – Be sure you have enough ribbon before you begin (especially if you are working off the roll).
4 – Make certain your embellishments are sewn or glued tightly in place so they don’t come lose and become a choking hazard for children.
5 – Secure the hairbow to a clip with both glue and a ribbon around it to be sure it stays put well.
6 – Beginners should start with basic bows and work up to more detailed layered bows later.
7 – Work on a cutting mat with measuring lines for best results. This makes it easier to keep your ribbons at the correct angles when making bows.

If you need more help check out my Youtube channel for more instructions on making hair bows.

How to Make Hair Bows: PonyTail Streamer Bows Tutorial

Posted by JennAdmin on October 21, 2011

How to Make Hair Bows

Don’t you just love learning how to make hair bows? These pony tail streamers are super simple to make. Little girls and high school cheerleaders alike will love these streamers to wear from their pony tails. I used to wear these as a kid because I loved the way the ribbon bounced around at the back of my head. You can see how fun that would be for a little girl who likes to run around…or a cheerleader who loves to jump and tumble.

Learning How to Make Hair Bows With Video

My favorite way to learn how to make hair bows is definitely by watching videos so that is the way that I teach you on this website how to make bows. Plus it’s fun to watch a bow being created right in front of your eyes so you can see non-stop step by step instructions that you can follow along as you watch. How do you prefer to learn how to make hair bows?  The above video shows a ponytail hair streamers accessory that girls love, especially cheerleaders.  Why not try to make this for your girl?  All you need is some grosgrain ribbon and a couple other supplies you can grab at any craft store or might even already have at your house if you have a daughter.

How to Make Hair Bows is Fun!

One of the most fun and easy crafts to do is certainly making hair bows. You’ll enjoy the entire process of bow making from the beginning going to the craft store to pick-up your ribbon and some simple supplies like scissors and a hot glue gun. You can even bring your special girl and allow her to chose the ribbon and embellishments she wants to use on the bows you are making for her to wear.  If you have never made hair accessories before, this is an easy way to start when you watch the video instructions and create a beautiful ponytail streamers bow that you can wear in a pony tail.  This is something that cheerleaders really love because they flip and flop around as they jump and tumble.  I used to wear these as a kid because I had long hair and loved to have long ribbons in my hair when I wore it up in a ponytail.  Remember that girls of all ages can wear this and it’s great to make when you have leftover ribbon on the roll that might not be enough to create a full bow.  Using all kinds of ribbon for this ponytail streamers bow is just fine because they can be a variety of colors and lengths.  Have fun making hair bows and ponytail streamers!

How to Make Hair Bows: Basic Bow Video Tutorial

Posted by JennAdmin on October 20, 2011

How to Make Hair Bows: Basic Bow

Have you ever seen anything so simple? I love this video on how to make hair bows because it shows how easy it is to follow step-by-step instructions to make perfect bows. Even if you’ve never touched ribbon before, you’ll be able to grab some grosgain ribbon from your local craft store and start making beautiful hair bows within minutes of watching this video.

I Love Making Hair Bows

I love making simple bows like this video shows because you can layer them for more intricate bows or you can even leave them as single stand alone bows using really pretty ribbon. Each holiday will have special ribbon available a few months prior to the occasion so you can prepare in advance for the holiday bows you’ll want to make. Even better, if you want to plan far in advance for your hair bows for the following year, you can get grosgrain ribbon for your bows on clearance just after the holiday ends.

Learning How to Make Hair Bows Is Easy!

Learning how to make hairs bows is easy, fun, and so rewarding when you see the beautiful finished product. Selling your beautiful creations to lots of happy customers or even just watching your special girl wear her hairbow proudly will certainly make you want to keep learning how to make hair bows.

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