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How To Make Beautiful Hair Bows

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make hair bows, here are some great ideas on beautiful bows you can make homemade with ribbon that will give you some great suggestions. Remember that you can combine all types of ribbon (grosgrain, satin, etc.) and a variety of colors and widths as well. Use these photos as ideas of bows you want to make and just change it up a bit with your own ribbon from the craft store.

If you have photos of your hairbows on your blog, I’d love to see them!  Just post a comment below with the link to your blog that contains your photos.  It’s always fun to see bows that others have made since it sparks new ideas when creating a new hairbow.  The photos below are some bows that I have made. If you want to see some of the bows are customers have made, check out the TESTIMONIALS page here.

Layered Boutique Bow with Boa


Over the Top Bow with Lots of Sprays

Eight Loop Bow


Boutique Hair Bow


Pom Pom Bow


Cheer Bow

Twisted Boutique Bow

Flashy Cheerleading Bow


Boutique Hair Bow with Boa Center


Fabric Rag Bow
Share your hair bow photos below by linking to the photo! Can’t wait to see your creations. If you haven’t started making bows yet and want some free lessons, here you go:

How to Make Hair Bows For Beginner – Free Lesson
How to Make Boutique Bows – Free Lesson

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