How to Make Hair Bows: PonyTail Streamer Bows Tutorial

Posted by JennAdmin on October 21, 2011

How to Make Hair Bows

Don’t you just love learning how to make hair bows? These pony tail streamers are super simple to make. Little girls and high school cheerleaders alike will love these streamers to wear from their pony tails. I used to wear these as a kid because I loved the way the ribbon bounced around at the back of my head. You can see how fun that would be for a little girl who likes to run around…or a cheerleader who loves to jump and tumble.

Learning How to Make Hair Bows With Video

My favorite way to learn how to make hair bows is definitely by watching videos so that is the way that I teach you on this website how to make bows. Plus it’s fun to watch a bow being created right in front of your eyes so you can see non-stop step by step instructions that you can follow along as you watch. How do you prefer to learn how to make hair bows?  The above video shows a ponytail hair streamers accessory that girls love, especially cheerleaders.  Why not try to make this for your girl?  All you need is some grosgrain ribbon and a couple other supplies you can grab at any craft store or might even already have at your house if you have a daughter.

How to Make Hair Bows is Fun!

One of the most fun and easy crafts to do is certainly making hair bows. You’ll enjoy the entire process of bow making from the beginning going to the craft store to pick-up your ribbon and some simple supplies like scissors and a hot glue gun. You can even bring your special girl and allow her to chose the ribbon and embellishments she wants to use on the bows you are making for her to wear.  If you have never made hair accessories before, this is an easy way to start when you watch the video instructions and create a beautiful ponytail streamers bow that you can wear in a pony tail.  This is something that cheerleaders really love because they flip and flop around as they jump and tumble.  I used to wear these as a kid because I had long hair and loved to have long ribbons in my hair when I wore it up in a ponytail.  Remember that girls of all ages can wear this and it’s great to make when you have leftover ribbon on the roll that might not be enough to create a full bow.  Using all kinds of ribbon for this ponytail streamers bow is just fine because they can be a variety of colors and lengths.  Have fun making hair bows and ponytail streamers!

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