Making Hair Bows

Posted by JennAdmin on December 22, 2011

Making Hair Bows

Making hair bows is probably my favorite craft which is exactly why I created this website and blog. If you’ve ever purchase hairbows from a boutique or even a store I’m sure you know how expensive they can be. When you consider that your girl might want a different hair bow for each outfit, the costs can really be high if you are planning to buy a lot of bows. Instead, making hair bows on your own will save a lot of money and is something fun you can do with your child if they are old enough. I suggest allowing them to go to the craft store with you to pick out the ribbon. They can also choose embellishments that will look good on their bow. Take a look in the button section and you’ll be able to find tons of unique embellishments in both plastic and/or metal that you can use for the center of your completed hair accessory.

making hair bows

You might be wondering how long it will take to start making hair bows. I can assure you it’s not going to be all that time consuming. You can create some of the easier accessories in just a few minutes. More detailed and layered designs might take maybe 10 to 15 minutest to complete but even then, that is not a lot of time for creating something beautiful. Add just a few more minutes to grab the necessary supplies like ribbon, hot glue, and scissors, and you’ll see that making bows is a simple and fun task.  If you want your daughter or grand-daughter to help, it might take a few extra minutes but I’m sure it will be time well spent and I know they will love creating with ribbon alongside you.  Just read what one very happy customer recently shared with me:


Hi Girlies!!
I just wanted to tell you that my girls & I have been spending good, quality time together making bows! Its fun to see their imagination work as they choose the ribbon combinations & the style of bows they want me to put together. Its crazy at times I have all 7 of my kids helping me (thats 5 girls & 2 boys)! 
Thanks again!
ps  Once the bows are made my girls wear them to school & bring home orders!
free hair bow instructions

Making Hair Bows for Girls

Now that you’ve found the best place online for bow making instructions, it’s time to start making hair bows for girls. Will you make a hair bow to attach to a crochet hat like Judy?  Isn’t this beautiful how it matches the crochet hat?  If you want to learn how to crochet, you can grab a free lesson here.
making hair bows for girls

Or maybe use some organza ribbon and add flower & gemstone embellishments to the center like Ann created?  Don’t you just love the colors and the choice of ribbon here?  Remember you don’t always have to use grosgrain ribbon!

layered flower hair bow

Or even jazz up your bow with some beautiful boa like Heather!  I love how she attached this hairbow for girls on top of a crochet headband so you can wear it on top of your head.  This bow is beautiful with all the layers of loops and lots of gorgeous sprays coming out of the center.

layered boutique bow

Tips on Making Hair Bows

1 – Gather all your supplies before you start.
2 – Use high heat hot glue (the ribbon will stay together much better).
3 – Be sure you have enough ribbon before you begin (especially if you are working off the roll).
4 – Make certain your embellishments are sewn or glued tightly in place so they don’t come lose and become a choking hazard for children.
5 – Secure the hairbow to a clip with both glue and a ribbon around it to be sure it stays put well.
6 – Beginners should start with basic bows and work up to more detailed layered bows later.
7 – Work on a cutting mat with measuring lines for best results. This makes it easier to keep your ribbons at the correct angles when making bows.

If you need more help check out my Youtube channel for more instructions on making hair bows.


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Jan 6, 2012

Wow! There is no end to bow making! Im soo loving this!

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Feb 9, 2012

These are so cute!
Thanks for entering our SIMPLE Facial Care Giveaway!
Good luck!

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Feb 9, 2012

I LOVE giveaways!!! :) Thank you so much! Appreciate you stopping by here too!

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