Tips for a Beginner Hair Bow Maker

Posted by JennAdmin on August 22, 2012

Have you wondered “where do I start?!”  Are you new to hair bow making and not sure which bows to start with?  Although there are at least a hundred different types of bows you can choose from, don’t get overwhelmed.  Here’s my advice that I share anytime a beginner bow maker wants to know where to begin.

Pick three basic bow types to master then move on to others.  For these I’d suggest the twisted boutique bow, butterfly bow, and boutique bow.  You’ll use these three most often when you start making layered bows so you’ll want to know how to make them first.  Once you practice those, then move on to a few other types of bows like flower bows, pinwheel bows, and the layered boutique bows.

Twisted Boutique Bow

Twisted Boutique Bow from

Basic Boutique Bow

Basic Boutique Hair Bow from

Butterfly Hair Bow

Butterfly Hair Bow from

All these hair bow types are included in “Secrets to Hair Bow Success” which has step-by-step instructions for 18 types of beautiful bows.  You’ll discover how easy it is to start creating the bows I’ve suggested above and then move on to the more detailed bows in just a matter of days!  Check out the full DVD course which now includes INSTANT online access to the full course so you can get started even before your DVD arrives in the mail.

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