Secrets To Bow Making Success

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Beautiful Bows

How to Make a Hair Bow:

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In the Full DVD Course, You Can Learn
How to Make Bows Like These:

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Downloadable Manual for the above Hair Bow Video:

Free Hair Bow Instructions PDF

This is by far the best Course available out there!!! Don't waste your money on any other product out there!! This is by far the Best there is!!!!!!!! - Sheri A.


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The Complete DVD Outline

DVD - Over 2 Hours of non-stop, Detailed Bow making. See it done right in front of your eyes in real time!


Chapter 1 - How To Make Hair Bows
Chapter 2 - Supplies
Chapter 3 - Bow Lingo
Chapter 4 - Lining a French Barrette
Chapter 5 - Lining an Alligator Clip
Chapter 6 - Trendy Clip
Chapter 7 - Pinwheel Bow Knot 1
Chapter 8 - Boutique Bow Knot 2
Chapter 9 - Butterfly Bow Knot 3
Chapter 10 - Korker Bow
Chapter 11 - Flower Bow
Chapter 12 - Loopy Bow
Chapter 13 - Perfect Sprays, Loops, & Layering


Chapter 14 - How To Make Decorative Bows
Chapter 15 - Basic Decorative Bow
Chapter 16 - Double Ribbon Decorative Bow
Chapter 17 - Double Layered Decorative Bow (PLUS How To Make Beautiful Wreaths)
Chapter 18 - Gift Bow


Chapter 19 - Christmas Tree Bow
Chapter 20 - Car Bow
Chapter 21 - Jenn's Super Embellishment Ideas
Chapter 22 - Interchangeable Bow
Chapter 23 - Pacifier Clip
Chapter 24 - Elastic Interchangeable Headband
Chapter 25 - Braided Headband
Chapter 26 - Bow Holder

The Complete Downloadable Manual Outline

Manual - Over 100 pages of Step by Step directions with over 400 high quality Color Photos!


Materials Needed and Craft Stores page 2
Lining a French Barrette page 3
Lining an Alligator Clip page 8
Trendy Clip page 12
Pinwheel Bow page 16
Knot 1 page 22
Boutique Bow page 26
Knot 2 page 32
Butterfly Bow page 36
Knot 3 page 42
Korker Bow page 45
Flower Bow page 50
Loopy Bow page 55
Sprays/Spikes page 61
Loops page 65
Layering a Bow page 70


Basic Decorative Bow page 72
Double Ribbon Decorative Bow page 75
Double Layered Decorative Bow page 78
Gift Bow page 82


Jenn's Super Embellishment Ideas page 85
Interchangeable Hair Bows page 86
Pacifier Clip page 92
Elastic Interchangeable Headband page 95
Braided Headband page 98
Easiest Decorative Bow page 106

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What people are saying about "Secrets to Bow Making Success":

1 - by PAM on 16th July
"If you want to make gorgeous bows.then this course is exactly what you need. Best money I ever spent!!" - Pam J.
2 - by JULIE on 13th July
3 - by CHARLENE on 9th November
"I have tried a few hair bow making courses,but I myself believe this one is the best.The step by step instructions are soooo easy,and It is worth every little penny i spent on it.It had me making gorgeous bows for my little girls in less than a week." - Charlene W.
4 - by VIVA on 10th July
"It is certainly easy to learn how to make hairbows/bows with this course! I was so excited to see how simple it could be...and to make bows by following your easy directions. I especially like the pictures guiding me throughout the instruction. For visual persons, these are the best! My bow-making has been off and running since purchasing your course. In fact, my demand is often more than my supply of bows....but that is a good problem. Thanks again, for putting this course together and making it available AND so easy to follow! Vivacious Bows....Viva G"
5 - by LEANNA on 4th May
"I purchased your bow course a few months ago and it is just amazing all the bows I have learned to make. It surprised me at how easy it is. This is my daugther's first Christmas and I wanted her to have the best one so... I took your dvd pop it into the dvd player and made our very first bow for the top of our tree. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this a Christmas my husband and I will never forget. There will be lots of pictures taken so my daughter doesn't forget either. Once again Thank you and God Bless!"
6 - by MARY on 23rd December
"I have throughly enjoyed the bow making courses, directions are easy to follow. My great granddaughters now have bows for every occassion, all holidays plus plenty to wear to school. You will also love talking with Emily and Jenn, I often send them messages and get replys back usually the next day. I'm 67 and have arthritis in my hands so if I can make beautiful bows so can YOU!"
7 - by SANDY on 31st October
"i just wanted to say I love "Secrets To Bow Making Success"... To be honest I was having problems with it, until I bought your "Secrets To Bow Making Success". You broke it down for me in step by step directions, wonderful pictuers to follow all in all I wish I would have known about this months ago. I am now making hair bows for every one in the family and I have even started selling them, and I am having so much fun with it! I owe it all to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"


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