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"The Easiest, Fastest, And Least Expensive Way to Make Hair Bows - Perfect for Beginners"

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"If you want to make gorgeous bows.then this course is exactly what you need. Best money I ever spent!!" - Pam J.
Beautiful Hair Bows Made EASY and Fun with Step-By-Step Instructions
The Easiest Instructions for Beautiful Hair Bows. Guaranteed.

Bow by Janice G.

"I had never even dreamed of making a hairbow until my grandaughter wanted to wear them all the time. It's fun and easy with the hairbow courses you have. Thanks, Janice G"


"When i started making bows I wanted someone to show me how to make all the styles all at once instead of having to keep googling them, so i bought the DVD and loved it. Very helpful and insightful, even now when i need kind of a refresher i pop it in and its very helpful. I absolutely love what Emily and Jen have done. So it is definitely worth it - Callie L"

Bow by Callie L.

"I have tried a few hair bow making courses,but I myself believe this one is the best.The step by step instructions are soooo easy,and It is worth every little penny i spent on it.It had me making gorgeous bows for my little girls in less than a week." - Charlene W.

Bow by Viva G

"It is certainly easy to learn how to make hair bows/bows with this course! I was so excited to see how simple it could be...and to make bows by following your easy directions. I especially like the pictures guiding me throughout the instruction. For visual persons, these are the best! My bow-making has been off and running since purchasing your course. In fact, my demand is often more than my supply of bows....but that is a good problem. Thanks again, for putting this course together and making it available AND so easy to follow! Vivacious Bows....Viva G"

"The Easiest, Fastest, And Least Expensive Way to Make Hair Bows - Perfect for Beginners"


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"I love these hairbow courses. They are so easy. All instructions are very easy to follow. My grandaughter loves them and can't wait to see what Gram has made next."
- Janice G.

Now I'm not just going to send you the course and forget about you. I'm here if you have a question or need suggestions!

Help is just an email away (I personally respond to all my messages within 24 hours and most of the time within just hours!)

"I have found the instructions to be very easy to understand. The pictures really helped alot!!! Most of all tho, when I have emailed Emily with questions, she responds very quickly. This meant alot, because how often can you order something online and actually get your questions answered within minutes!!! Not very often. Thanks Emily!!!" - Leigh M.


DVD : 2 Hours of detailed hair bow making shipped right to your doorstep! See it done right in front of your eyes in real time! (from a viewpoint YOU will best learn from!) This DVD will teach you 18 styles of hair bows that are perfect for beginner bow makers.

Manual : Our high quality Downloadable manual (emailed to you tonight!) has over 75 pages of Step-By-Step instructions and hundreds of Very Clear color photos! This manual can be printed or simply viewed from your computer screen.

Description of Materials : You'll discover all the materials you'll need to make Beautiful Hair Bows without spending a fortune on unnecessary supplies. Then I'll show you how to get supplies for almost nothing (both online and in stores). I'll even give you little known tips and secrets on how best to use them that you can't find anywhere else! Learn how to avoid buying expensive sealers, the easiest way to get PERKY and FULL loops, and how to stop problems like color bleeding.

Bow Making Instructions STEP BY STEP : The next thing you'll discover is how easy it is to make your hair bows! You'll learn to make 18 beautiful styles of hair bows, including Boutique layered bows, Butterfly bows, Pinwheel bows, Korker hair bows, Flower bows, Loopy bows, and more.
If there's a style you want to discover, it's here! Each hair bow has its own section that is loaded with helpful tips!

Hundreds of Color Photos : forget about squinting! You won't struggle trying to figure out what goes where (like in those other guides) with "Secrets To Hair Bow Success" you'll be able to see every step of every single bow in easy-to-see color.

Frequently Asked Questions : I've been bow making for YEARS now and have helped literally thousands of women start making bows hand made! I've complied a list of my most frequently asked questions and their answers. You'll LOVE these tips and tricks to make your hair bow making even easier!

SAMPLE of Actual Manual:

Photo of Actual DVD: (back and front sides)

PLUS 4 Cool Bonuses!

"Profitable Crafts: Maximizing Your Profits
From Your Craft Sales"

Volumes 1-4

Deciding What Types Of products To Create

Pricing Your Products For Maximum Profits

Selling Your Products

Recommended Resources

... And A Lot More

"Braided Headband Instructions Ebook"

You will love learning how to make these beautiful braided headbands. Add a bow and you're ready to go!

Also, I've included instructions to make simple elastic headbands you can clip a bow on!

"Decorative Bow Instructions Ebook"

Want to save over $10.00 per bow for your parties, holidays, weddings, and celebrations?

Learn how to make your own decorative bows with simple instructions for 5 beautiful styles!

"Paper Crafts for Grown Ups Ebook"

Step-by-step instructions for beautiful paper crafts like paper flowers, party decorations, and hanging MORE!

You'll also love making 3D snowflakes with the simple tutorial included in this guide!

We've had numerous customers purchase the course JUST for the bonuses!


Here's a couple more RAVING fans
(I have THOUSANDS!)...

"have had so much fun that I now have my own handmade craft business. Not only did i get the course but the other e-books have been a rich source of info plus confidence boost. Cheers & thanks from Australia." - Tanya S

"I don't even know where to begin...the bow tutorial is great! It is very easy to follow, quick on the delivery and affordable! I couldn't ask for anything better (and haven't seen anything comparable)! Thanks for coming up with this and keep the great ideas coming!" - Beth S.

"I have searched everywhere on how to make Bows. This is by far the best! Thank you Emily! You are the best! Step by step is very helpful easy to learn. I even make them for my yorkie! Thanks again!" - Nadine T.

"hi ladies....THE WORD IS "WOW" bow makIng is just sooooooooooooooo much fun and so easy to do.They are so adorable on all our little girls.They are such a fabulous craft item also that I sell to shops and at craft shows.....just love this new craft....quick,easy,fun,.....and profitable......... great easy instructions...great .lovely product... I just absolutely love my newest craft....thanks for all your help cheers"
- Mary S.

This is by far the best Course available out there!!! Don't waste your money on any other product out there!! This is by far the Best there is!!!!!!!! - Sheri A.


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