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“The Easiest, Fastest, And Least Expensive Way to Make
Hair Bows - Perfect for Beginners”

Beautiful Hair Bows Made EASY and Fun with Step-By-Step Instructions

The Easiest Instructions for Beautiful Hair Bows. Guaranteed.

Want to make hair bows for your favorite little girl?
You've come to the RIGHT place.

Hi, I'm Emily (a stay-at-home mom with THREE girls!) and I want to teach you the easiest ways to make hair bows using my special tips and secrets. One of my favorite hobbies is making beautiful hair bows (and selling them!) so I've decided to put everything I know together in one course.

My girls LOVE hair bows. It would have cost me a fortune to buy them all. I can't tell you how much money I've saved making them on my own! Plus, it's a relaxing way for me to create something special for my daughters. Pretty great, huh?

Selling bows is also a great way to make some extra income too. Every time my girls wear their bows they get compliments and I get some sales that way too! Simple enough!

Sandy S. recently shared with me...

"Since having Emma (our only girl) I am having so much fun with all the girly things. Once her hair was long enough for bows and I started buying them I could not believe how much they were, so I decided to try and make them to match her outfits. To be honest I was having problems with it, until I bought your "Secrets To Bow Making Success". You broke it down for me in step by step directions, wonderful pictures to follow all in all I wish I would have known about this months ago. I am now making hair bows for every one in the family and I have even started selling them, and I am having so much fun with it! I owe it all to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

Now I do know that it can be tough to find great instructions, so I made a simple step-by-step DVD course to show you EXACTLY how I make my hair bows. You'll be surprised how fun it can be! I've taken a complicated art and made it simple for any beginner to do....

Hundreds of happy bow makers have shared great stories with me. Just like Charlene W who wrote.

"I have tried a few hair bow making courses,but I myself believe this one is the best.The step by step instructions are soooo easy,and It is worth every little penny i spent on it.It had me making gorgeous bows for my little girls in less than a week."

When I first learned how to make bows, I couldn't find any easy to follow instructions so I spent hours practicing. I've been making bows for quite a few years now and learned a lot through trial and error. I've come up with the very best ways to make perfect hair bows. This is what I want to share with you!

You'll be able to watch me on DVD step by step for each bow AND you can follow along in your handy downloadable manual too.

"I love these hairbow courses. They are so easy. All instructions are very easy to follow. My grandaughter loves them and can't wait to see what Gram has made next."

- Janice G.

"Secrets to Bow Making Success" is a comprehensive DVD course. It shows you EXACTLY what you need to know to make hair bows (and even some decorative bows for the holidays).

Now I'm not just going to send you the course and forget about you. I'm here if you have a question or need suggestions! Help is just an email away (Jenn and I respond to all my messages within 24 hours.)

Leigh M. has experienced that first-hand (just like hundreds of others)...

"I have found the instructions to be very easy to understand. The pictures really helped alot!!! Most of all tho, when I have emailed Emily with questions, she responds very quickly. This meant alot, because how often can you order something online and actually get your questions answered within minutes!!! Not very often. Thanks Emily!!!".

Secrets To Bow Making Success Easy Step-By-Step Instructions


Complete DVD and Manual
The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive 
Bow Making resource anywhere, ever!


Beth S. is a VERY happy customer like I know you will soon be!

"She told me, "I don't even know where to begin...the bow tutorial is great! It is very easy to follow, quick on the delivery and affordable! I couldn't ask for anything better (and haven't seen anything comparable)! Thanks for coming up with this and keep the great ideas coming!"

“Why Hair Bow Making?”

bullet Discover a New Skill – Bow making is a great new hobby you will enjoy!
bullet SAVE Money! – Stop buying expensive hair bows because now you can make your own to match any and EVERY outfit.
bullet Great Family Activity – Your family will love spending quality time with you. Allow your kids/grandkids to help choose ribbons and embellishments for your bows.
bullet Inexpensive –Low cost activities are important to most families; bow making costs only pennies!
bullet Envy of the Neighborhood –We all want our kids (and grandkids!) to look good. Hair Bows are an excellent way to give them an extra special touch without spending thousands!
bullet Home Business – Supplement your family income during hard economic times by selling your bows. Hair bows have a low investment and high markup. I know from firsthand experience that it works!

"I have tried a few hair bow making courses,but I myself believe this one is the best.The step by step instructions I have tried a few hair bow making courses,but I myself believe this one is the best.The step by step instructions are soooo easy,and It is worth every little penny i spent on it.It had me making gorgeous bows for my little girls in less than a week."

“What Will I Get?”

Secrets To Bow Making Success is the only course I know of that breaks it down into simple, easy to learn steps.

You're about to get the Most Comprehensive Bow Making course available anywhere. In no time at all you'll be creating Beautiful Hair Bows and Specialty Bows Quickly and Easily. Best of all, you won't need expensive gadgets and gizmos.

First, remember you will get BOTH the complete downloadable Manual emailed to you and a professional DVD shipped right to your mailbox; you can choose whatever way you want to learn.

I offer both types of instructions in this course since some people prefer learning with step-by-step photos and other prefer learning with my video instructions. Everyone learns at a different speed, so this fool-proof system lets YOU discover the way YOU learn best.

Second, I took the time to make sure that you'll be able to easily follow each and every step of the way, no matter what your level of skill is. The course is PERFECT for beginners.

Unlike most competitive products, if you can even find them, you'll find the Instructions in "Secrets To Bow Making Success" crystal clear and the color pictures bright, detailed, and easy to follow.

Most Importantly, you'll get Everything and I mean Absolutely Everything you'll ever Need to Know about Bow making.

I teach you the basics, of course, but I don't stop there. You'll also learn some specialty decorative bows like Car Bows, Wedding Bows, Centerpiece Bows and much more.

You'll even discover how to make your own Christmas and Holiday Bow decorations for a Tiny Fraction of the price you'd pay if you had to buy them!


"I have searched everywhere on how to make Bows. This is by far the best! Thank you Emily! You are the best! Step by step is very helpful easy to learn. I even make them for my yorkie! Thanks again!"

- Nadine T.

Here's EXACTLY what you'll get with "Secrets To Bow Making Success"...

DVD : Over 2 Hours of detailed bow making shipped right to your doorstep! See it done right in front of your eyes in real time! (from a viewpoint YOU will best learn from!)

Manual : Our high quality Downloadable manual (emailed to you) has over 100 pages of Step-By-Step instructions and over 400+ Very Clear color photos!

Description of Materials : You'll discover all about different kinds and gauges of ribbons, craft and decorative wire, dowels, alligator and French clips; all the materials you'll need to make Beautiful Hair Bows and Specialty Decorative Bows. Then I'll show you how to get supplies for almost nothing (both online and in stores). I'll even give you little known tips and secrets on how best to use them that you can't find anywhere else!

Explanation of Ribbon Types : I'll introduce you to basics of Ribbons, including all the different types, sizes (grosgrain, organza, satin, wired, striped, printed). Beautiful ribbon photos included, so you can almost feel them! And I'll show you what they're used for and why.

Bow Making Instructions STEP BY STEP : The next thing you'll discover is the lingo of Bow Making. And how to make dozens of hair bows, including Boutique, Butterfly, Pinwheel, Korker, Lined clip, Trendy clip, Flower, Loopy, and more. If there's a style you want to discover, it's here! Each bow has its own section that is chock full of tips. Learn how to avoid buying expensive sealers, how to use scraps of one material to embellish bows made of another material, and how to stop problems like color bleeding.

Decorative Bows Instructions : Now for the real money savers! We'll go through every step of those expensive Bows people spend hundreds of dollars on each holiday season: Wreath Bows, Layered Bows, Double Ribbon Bows, and Gift Bows.

Specialty Bows Instructions : These are those bows for special occasions, like Interchangeable Bows, Car Bows, Christmas Bows, and Wedding Bows. In this section you'll even discover a few things you wouldn't expect to find in a Bow Making Manual, like how to make wrapped or braided headbands, stretchy headbands for infants and toddlers, and even hair bow holders!

Hundreds of Color Photos : forget about squinting! You won't struggle trying to figure out what goes where (like in those other guides)with "Secrets To Bow Making Success" you'll be able to see every step of every single bow in easy-to-see color.

WOW! That's MORE than you'll find in most guides to hair bow making, but believe it or not that's just the beginning of what you'll discover in Secrets To Bow Making Success DVD and Manual!

Marg L. agrees...

"hi ladies....THE WORD IS "WOW" bow makIng is just sooooooooooooooo much fun and so easy to do.They are so adorable on all our little girls.They are such a fabulous craft item also that I sell to shops and at craft shows.....just love this new craft....quick,easy,fun,.....and profitable......... great easy instructions...great .lovely product... I just absolutely love my newest craft....thanks for all your help cheers"

And Suzy B. said it too.

"WOW! The bow instructional books, as well as the DVD, are phenomenal. They are so user friendly. Our entire family has enjoyed making the bows. Keep up the great work. I can hardly wait for more!"


You'll FINALLY get answers to questions like these and MANY more:

  • How do I make even loops on my bows every time? (So you can have beautiful symmetrical bows.)
  • How do I make my hair bows beautiful and unique? (This way your daughter stands out, and you get complimented.)
  • Do I need any type of bow making device? (Answer: NO!)
  • How do I keep my bow ends from fraying? (There is nothing worse than making a beautiful bow and it start fraying apart.)
  • Three types of knots for the center of your hair bow (This is important for uniqueness to each and every bow.)
  • How can I layer my bows to create full, fluffy, perky, and beautiful bows? (This is a great way to really spice up your bows.)
  • What sizes and lengths of ribbon do I need for various bows? (So you can make the perfect bows every time.)
  • What type of ribbon should I use for each style bow? (Having the right type of ribbon allows you to make each bow with precision.)
  • How do I make perfect sprays/spikes for my hair bows? (Because ugly and uneven sprays/spikes can really take away from a beautiful bow.)

You'll get TONS of tips like these to make it easy to create perfect Bows every time:

  • What to do with leftover ribbon instead of throwing it away
  • How to get perfect angles for your bows and sprays
  • How to make the perfect crease every time
  • The best hair clips to use for your hair bows
  • When to use wire and when to sew the center of your bow
  • Special ways to hold your bow in place while you're working
  • Special techniques to easily sew the center of your bow in a straight line
  • A simple way to make your loops the same size every time
  • The best glue to use for a secure hold and manageability
  • Where to buy inexpensive ribbon
  • How to use Korker ribbon as an embellishment
  • How to use small clothes pins to hold things in place
  • How to use dowel rods, cardboard or other items to keep ribbon in place
  • Why you should use a cutting board instead a ruler
  • The best way to keep your supplies organized
  • Saving leftovers
  • How to remove glue from bows
  • How to get a special type of embellishment that nobody else knows about

Secrets To Bow Making Success is the
Fastest, Easiest, Most Comprehensive
Bow Making course anywhere!

*** OVER 500 sold Per Month! with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee ***

You'll be thrilled you took the first step to the wonderful art of Making Bows.

You will not find a better, easier, and more complete Bow Making Guide anywhere, on or off the internet! If you act right away I'll include a Bonus Tutorial with additional techniques and tips to help you save money, time, and sanity!

Similar products could sell for $127, $157, even $197, and they don't even come close to the Treasure Trove of information you'll find in Secrets To Bow Making Success manual and DVD!

Sure, I could charge a fortune, but I'd much rather charge less and have you tell your friends and neighbors about the Amazing Deal you got. You'll get everything you need to make Perfect Bows for.

Only $27!

Happy customer, Pam J. says it best.

"If you want to make gorgeous bows.then this course is exactly what you need. Best money I ever spent!!"

- Pam J.

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"Profitable Crafts"
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bullet Deciding What Types Of products To Create
bullet Pricing Your Products For Maximum Profits
bullet Selling Your Products
bullet Recommended Resources
  … And A Lot More
This is a complete guide to making money with crafts!  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to do it – I did it – why not you too?  This E-book will take you by the hand and teach you how to set up a thriving craft business… even if you’ve never owned a business before!

What a great way to turn your hobby into a thriving cash making business. There truly is nothing better than doing what you love and making money while doing it.

This will help to get you on the right path to making money by simply doing what you love. Enjoy!!!


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"99 Gift Basket Ideas For
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No Matter The Occasion There Is Nothing Better To Give Than A Gift Basket Filled With Love!!!
A gift basket is perfect for every occasion, but if you don’t know what to put into the basket or how to spice it up – it becomes a gift that’s never used. This is also the PERFECT chance for you to use your bow making skills and really spice up your gift basket!
Here Are Just SOME Of The Things
You'll Discover ON "99 Gift Basket Ideas For Everyone On
Your List"
Gift Baskets For Every Occasion:
  • Food & Drink
  • Sports & Athletics
  • Craft Enthusiasts
  • Pet Owners
  • Kids
  • TV, Music, & Movies
  • Homeowners & Households
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Business People & Travelers
  • Experiences
  • Games, Hobbies, & Interests
Best Part: Each one of the occasions listed above has several unique Gift baskets!!! No matter what occasion or who the gift basket is for, you will surely find the perfect one in this E-book!


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"223 Great Gift Recipes In A Jar"
If You Really Want To Be The Highlight Of An Event, This Is Your Big Chance. Bring Jars Filled With Ingredients That Makes AMAZING Desserts And Meals!!!
What a GREAT way stand out at any event or gathering! Imagine showing up with your friend’s, or relative’s favorite dessert beautifully displayed in a wonderful decorated jar. Layer after layer of their favorite ingredients, top off with the instructions and a beautiful display! What a PERFECT opportunity to make a decorative bow for your jars!
Here Are Just SOME Of The Things
You'll Discover ON "223 Great Gift Recipes In A Jar"
What To Include And How To Arrange Ingredients For:
  • Monster Cookies Mix
  • Herb Fried Chicken Or Fish Coating Mix
  • Chocolate Cake In A Jar
  • Ginger Spics Muffin Mix
  • Instant Cocoa In a Jar
  • Palouse Soup Mix
  • Pizza Crust Mix
  • Potato Soup In a Jar
  • Taco Mix
  • Spiced Tea Mix
… And 213 MORE Amazing Recipes In A Jar!!"
Best Part: You just simply pick which recipe you want, select the E-book page, and print off the directions to attach to the jar!!! No matter what occasion or reason, you’ll surely get complimented over and over!


Exclusive Bonus #4 (Worth $47):
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"949 Craft Recipes, Tips, Ideas
And Fun Things To Do With Kids"
If You’re Looking For Something Fun To Do With Kids, Whether It’s At Home Or For An Event …There Is Nothing Left To Discover, This Covers It ALL!!!
Whether you’re at home with your kids, or at an event with kids running around everywhere …this is the PERFECT E-book! There are so many fun things to do with kids that you could literally do one a day for 2 ½ years straight!
Here Are Just SOME Of The Things
You'll Discover ON "949 Craft Recipes, Tips, Ideas And Fun Things To Do With Kids"
A Few Of The 949 Reasons Kids Will Love You:
  • Making Play Dough From Scratch
  • Stationary Or Cards
  • Gelatin Critters
  • Make Homemade Finger Paint (Not For Everyone :-)
  • Dinosaur Food
  • Frozen Yogurt Dessert
  • Baboon Butter
  • Cremedoodles
  • Magic Crystal Garden
  • Edible Dirt Cups
... And 939 MORE Super Fun Ways To Entertain Kids Of ALL Ages!
Best Part: No matter what you or the kids choose to do, EVERYONE is guaranteed to have a BLAST!!!

… Oh, and with the bow course you have 950 fantastic things to do
with kids!! :-D

Keep in mind as soon as the 2000th order goes through my payment processor, these bonuses will be taken down. I may decide to actually SELL these bonuses as a package deal in the future for around $97 so be sure to get yours TODAY for FREE!

We've had numerous customers purchase the course JUST for the bonuses!

"have had so much fun that I now have my own handmade craft business. Not only did i get the course but the other e-books have been a rich source of info plus confidence boost. Cheers & thanks from Australia."

- Tanya S

Here's a rundown of what you get when you order right now:

What You Get:
What YOU Pay
"Secrets To Bow Making Success
Easy Step-By-Step Instructions To Making 1000’s Of Designs "

"Profitable Crafts: Maximizing Your Profits From Your Craft Sales"

50 Pages
"99 Gift Basket Ideas For Everyone On Your List"

33 Pages
"223 Great Gift Recipes In A Jar"

225 Pages

"949 Craft Recipes, Tips, Ideas And Fun Things To Do With Kids"

342 Pages

Remember Once 2,000 is sold - the bonuses will be gone, and you'll have missed your chance. Don't let that happen to you. Please signup NOW!!

You Have A Choice To Make Today:

Option A) You can continue on the same path you have been on before and someday, after LONG hours and Trial and Error, you may discover how to make amazing bows...


Option B) You can make the decision to take advantage of all these amazing bonuses, and begin making beautifully incredible bows immediately. Let me show you how to FINALLY see and feel successful at making bows TODAY!

So, Which is it?

- Julie B.

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Emily Bradley’s Secrets To Bow Making Success Course

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